Friday, October 26, 2012

Mohalla Peerzada - A locality in Amroha

Peerzada is one of the many localities of Amroha. It lies in the center of the city. 95 % population of this locality comprises of muslims, most of them educated including many Engineers, Doctors and Lawyers. The locality is named so because the descendents of Peer Hazrat Shah abban Badar-e-Chishti(R.A) live here.

    Hazrat Shah Abban, a great sufi saint who came to Amroha from Kerman in Iran, established his Khanqah and an adjacent mosque in the locality. Even today his Khanqah exists and an annual "Urs" is held there. He was given the name “Shah Abban” by his followers which means “Father of Kings(Sufis)" . He is the ancestor of Amroha's RIZVIS.

There are three mosques and four primary schools in the locality.

Some other important places:

Asad cable Network: 
         The largest entertainment network of the district. Its also an advertisement agency. The local NEWS channels NNI live is also broadcasted from here.

Ghaate ki gali :
         A ghostly street in the locality which has scared people since decades. People claim to have seen and even followed by ghosts there.

AP Health Club:
         The most reputed gymnasium of Amroha. The facility is available only for gents.

Khari Kuan: 
         It’s a famous landmark and can also be considered a sub-locality. ‘Khari’ means ‘Saline’ and ‘Kuan’ is ‘a well’ in Hindi. This landmark used to be a well with saline water . It was filled later and now a transformer is placed on its top. This sub-locality is home to Amroha’s JAFRI community.

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