Sunday, October 28, 2012

Living Species in Amroha

In Amroha humans are the most commonly seen species during the day.  They exist in good numbers. Most of them believe in God and follow his orders. God, they believe, is some form of external power which asks them to do all good things and spend life in a particular way. Now a days, they have started following only the orders they find easy and suitable. Which must have annoyed God and now he had reduced their brain power. So, humans have started creating problems and fighting among themselves.

After humans, other most common living thing is a mosquito. Mosquitoes are more than thousand times smaller than humans but even humans are scared of them. They fly into human colonies, bite them and sometimes even kill them. Humans can easily control them but he himself creates suitable environment for their reproduction. Mosquitoes are also believed to be a punishment of their God. Humans are able to create weapons for destroying fellow humans but cannot fight with mosquitoes.

During night most commonly seen species are dogs. They become the king of streets during night. They bark on everyone except robbers. Never run on seeing a dog.

Ghosts can also be found during night in Amroha. They are believed to live at certain places across the city. They come out to haunt people, generally, when they are out in night alone. They are believed to be carrying a candle on their head or in hand. They prefer white or black clothes. Ghosts do not work in groups. They are never seen accompanied with a friend. Always run on seeing a ghost.

Another dangerous species is a biker. They are comparatively newer than others. Basically this species consist of a human riding a fast moving machine called bike. They do not let you walk on road peacefully. They come honking their loud horn and disappear before you try to recognize them. They are sometimes in such a speed as if somewhere countdown has been initiated and the world is going to end if they do not reach their destination in a few seconds. When you hear them approaching just stop moving. Stick to a wall, close your eyes and recite Kalma. If you are in a congested street of Amroha this is the best thing to do.

Other earth species are also here and they behave quiet normally.

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