Thursday, January 17, 2013

Madho Cineplex Amroha

Although Bollywood is entertaining Indians for last 100 years now. People in Amroha were always away from the culture of going to movie theaters for watching movies. One of the reasons was non existence of a decent place to watch a movie. People always preferred staying at home and watching T.V with family. There was always a need of a family entertainment point.

Arpit Agarwal, whose grandfather owned the Madho Palace, saw this great business opportunity and realized the potential of a good source of entertainment for Amrohvis.  Even Madho Palace was always better than other movie theaters in the city but lacked modern infrastructure which can attract educated families. As soon as Arpit finished his MBA and joined his family business. He decide to give that property a makeover. And within months he converted his idea into reality and imported the most modern technology and infrastructure from across India after a long research. And this way he gave birth to new “Madho Cineplex”.

Madho Cineplex - Amroha
Now, Madho Cineplex is not just generations ahead among all its competitors in the district but is also comparable to most good theaters in big cities.

The theater is now fully Air Conditioned and has Dolby Digital sound. The seats are comfortable and surroundings are completely clean. There is special security for handling drunks and stopping people from taking tobacco products inside. I was amazed to hear that people use some strange tricks for getting entry with “Gutkha”. Some of them were caught carrying tobacco in their phones after removing battery. Another guy was caught with a pen filled with tobacco. But the security is smarter and don't allow anyone to enter with prohibited stuff.

In all it’s a great experience watching a movie there with family or friends.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winters in Amroha

Gajar ka Halwa- Winter Dessert

You can find very few people on roads after 10 P.M during dark winter nights in Amroha. Due to dense fog the visibility reduces to few meters. All Amrohvis decide to get into their homes. Even Chauraha Kot and Chauraha Naubat Khana are vacant. Groundnut sellers stick to the fire they use to keep the nuts warm. People can be found burning wooden logs as they discuss politics or cricket in early hours of night. Dogs decide to give up their possession of streets during night.

Shivering cold and dense fog is annoying. Its delicious food which excites everyone about winters. Gajak, Rewri, Til ke Laddu, Gajar ka Halwa, Egg Halwa, Steaming hot Gulab Jamuns are season's special. Even at home the menu becomes more delicious. As if its just the season to eat and sleep. Matar Pulao, Khichdi, Fish, Ras ki Kheer, Shakarkandi ki Kheer and many more delicious stuff become part of the menu. This is also the season of papaya, guava, oranges and grapes.

With lesser power cuts and mosquitoes. Amrohvis seem to enjoy winters.

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