Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 Famous Trees In Amroha

With rise in population and urbanization, the green cover in and around Amroha, is decreasing really fast. In city's modern homes there is no space left for trees. Unlike the older generation, young Amrohvis do not have any childhood memories of climbing, swinging and playing under a tree.
This post is about some of the those lucky old trees which are still alive maybe because they are famous and are in use as a landmark.

1. Anar Wali Zyarat
The tree which lives by the blessing of the sufi saint who was buried next to it. Even the tomb is known as "Anar Wali Zyarat". The pomegranate tree goes unnoticed by hundreds of people who pass by it through out the day. Some occasional passers-by shook their head or recite a prayer in respect of the saint who is resting next to it. This place is located midway between Bazar Shafat Pota and Chauraha Kot.

2. Gullu Neem
This Neem tree is very large and is a very popular landmark. Even the whole locality is known by it. The tree provides shelter to many rickshaw-walas who park their rickshaw in its shadow. Even some shops have came up around the tree's base. This tree is located near Amroha Tehsil.

3. Imli Hakeem
hakeem lived near this Imli tree. He became famous as the hakeem who lives near the Imli(Tamarind tree). The tree still exists so is the Hakim's Dawakhana.

4. Bad Chahgauri
This tree stands tall in Mohalla Chahgauri. Not as famous as others however it is a local landmark. There is a big Chabutra(dais) around this tree where children play. Banyan tree is known as "Bad ka Ped" in Urdu.

5. The Tree at Dargah Shahwilayat
A legendary tree which is believed to have grown by the braid of Daadi Bakhoee, the sister of Dada Shahwilayat. The tree's branches grew entangled like a braid of a women. Although it is believed to be existing even today, its difficult to locate it. Daadi Bakhoee still remains one of the few women sufis in Amroha.

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