Sunday, October 5, 2014

Five Strange People from 80s in Amroha

In 1980s, the time when Amrohvis were yet to hear about Computers and Mobile phones were beyond imagination. There were limited medical facilities. The time when mental disorders were related to something mystical and supernatural. And people who suffered from them were considered possessed and became victim of notorious sluggards. They were teased regularly and their reactions became a source of entertainment. They were known by strange names. Some of them were violent, some very funny. Five of them were:

  1.  Mauli:  He was a 6 feet high man. He used to randomly shout "Mauli aa gaye". He is believed to have lost mental balance after sudden death of his elder sister. He carried eating stuff with him all the time and used to roam around the whole city. He called every women in burqa,"Anno", in memory of his sister. He used to gift women the eatables he carried. Women used to get really scared, although he never harmed anyone. And not just eatables, he is also believed to have gifted many valuable things to random women.
  2. Joda Garam: He was a man who carried a big stick with him all the time. He was violent and people were really scared of him. He used to run after boys who teased him by calling "Joda".
  3. 447 : This man was famously known by the number 447(Chaar-Sau-Saytalis). He had very strange and violent behavior. The strange thing is that he never harmed the person who slapped him. A slap used to work as a trigger which activated the anger in him. He used to keep walking angrily in search of target. As soon as he encountered the next person on the road. He used to get closer and slap the person really hard. Everybody knew that he is mentally disturbed, by his appearance, so people just walked away after shouting at him. Notorious boys of localities used him on many people.
  4. Pakodi: A women who used to roam around the whole city and abused everyone who teased her. She was even spotted during summer afternoons, walking around with no destination in her mind. It is believed that she was lonely and even enjoyed the teasing. She used to shout "Sab mar gaye kya..!!", on finding that there is no one to tease her.
  5. Ghaseeta: This person also had a very strange behavior. He used to stare at the Sun for minutes(I was told hours) continuously without blinking his eyes. Another characteristic was his love for lighting matchsticks. He was harmless but asked shopkeepers for matchbox. He used to just light the matchsticks and enjoyed it. Some superstitious shopkeepers near bazaar Katra even considered him lucky and happily gave him matchboxes to burn.
It all sounds strange however many old people have encountered at least one of them.


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