Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mohalla Afghanan: A locality

As the name suggests, this locality have an Afghanistan connection. Few hundred years ago, in Mughal period, some afghans migrated to Amroha and started living at this place. So this locality is called Afghanan. The current generation of the people living here do not speak pashto. But as obvious, they are pathans so all of them add "Khan" to their name. Most of the families own acres of farms and orchards. They give their land to others on contract who take care and do farming on it.

Many young people from this locality are in UAE and other countries for employment. Men are fair, muscular and tall.

Most of the women are homemakers. They are tall, beautiful and attractive. Now a days people in this locality are more concerned about education of their children than ever.

Afghanan is also home to another community called "Khumrey". They have significant population in this locality. They used to work for rich pathans. They are very hard working. Now they work as farmers.

There is a big graveyard on one side of this locality. There also used to be ruins of a maqbara. Large portion of the ruins is now being used as a playground by local children.

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