Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weddings in Amroha

The Weeding season for Muslims in Amroha begins just after Eid. Almost all marriages in Amroha happen within the city. So everybody in Amroha have a really big network of relatives. Earlier the city used to be spacious so the functions used to happen in a bigger house in neighborhood. Now there are marriage halls where people generally organize functions.

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In Amroha, like rest of India, marriages are a really big affair. All relatives and friends are invited. Everybody is served delicious food. People bring gifts for bride and groom and participate in Dua for their happy life.
Dry dates are distributed after Nikah.

Traditionally, naan-gosht is served to all guests. Naan-gosht is basically Beef Korma and fresh Indian Naan. Korma is specially cooked with grinned dry fruits and curd. The dough for Naan is kneaded with milk. Delicious Halwa or Zarda are served as desserts. Sometimes Beef-Biryani is also part of menu.

You can also expect Kebabs, Chicken Korma, Gulab Jamuns now a days. Enjoy this wedding season.

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