Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When it Rains in Amroha

After facing two long months of summer.

 In the middle of June, relief arrives in the form of clouds. The first batch is scattered and white. But they keep coming in and filling the Amroha sky. They rise from where sky meets earth. Slowly dense grey clouds  replace everything white in the Sky. They bring with them cool breeze which is followed by droplets, so tiny that you cannot see them. But their moisture can be felt. This brings a new life to almost dead yellow leaves. All birds rise from their nests and form circles in the sky. Children come to their roof tops with their kites. Kabootarbaaz starts making strange sounds with more passion.

And within an hour the wind catches speed. Now, the kites cannot remain attached to their string. They become uncontrollable and detach themselves and decide to fly with the wind. The southern end of the sky starts turning dark. Rain bearing dark clouds called ghata are now visible. Slowly, they takes over everything. There are no clouds anymore but just one single black sky. This is the point at which it seems that the Sun has surrendered. Everyone starts looking in the sky and while waiting for the moment when everything comes to halt. Even the birds start looking for shelter. In a few moments of animation the sky falls. It comes down to earth in the form of water. These round big drops fall on earth and wash everything. The dust which got accumulated on the leaves and all signs of Loo, that have blown over the last few months, will be washed. Within couple of hours everything is new, fresh and green.

This marks the beginning of the Season of Mangoes. Market is full of these yellowish-green and juicy fruits. Jamuns seem to have absorbed the dark color of sky and accompany mangoes in their season.

Melons and Water Melons loose their sweetness. Even Litchi's time is over. Now, the King of Fruits rules the market.

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