Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finding Fish in Amroha

After Namaz-e-Juma politicians gather in front of Jama Masjid's main gate and their supporters don't allow namazis to move out of masjid freely. Every Friday a new but familiar face is there with a wide smile and you know that he is here to announce his candidature for next elections. On top of that there are fruit sellers who gather their carts full of fruits in a line in front of gate and shout crazily to attract namazis as they indulge into shopping after namaz. Among all this chaos the most sought after thing after namaz is fish.  Like fruit sellers, fishwalas also setup their shops at the other Jama Masjid gate. They sit there with their big butcher knives, ready to cut fishes into pieces as soon as the bargaining about the price ends.

Actually, due to unavailability of good beef on Friday. Most Amrohvis decide to cook fish on this day. And buying fish after namaz is very convenient and is becoming a routine for many people. No one wants to visit that filthy Fish Market at Chauraha Kot when fresh fish is available at Jama Masjid.

If you want to buy the type of fish you want. Reach there just after namaz. Because there are lot of customers and the price is also high. Make sure you bargain. If you decide to go a little later it depends on luck whether you will be able to find the fish you want. However the price at that time would be reasonable and even the crowd would be less.

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